Privacy Policy

SoulShare is committed to managing your information transparently and responsibly. This document describes what information is collected through our site, why it's collected, and how it's handled.

Public Information

Most of the information you provide SoulShare is publicly available, such as your profile information and content you post. By registering an account and choosing to provide this information, you acknowledge and agree that your name, location, posted content, and any other information you share publicly is free to disclose to any of its visitors.

Private Information

We collect some information that is not considered public, such as your email, IP address, password, private messages, and account settings. We process your private information for security purposes, and to provide you the functionality our services offer. We may also use your email to notify you of important updates regarding your account and to send you marketing emails; you opt into these emails when you create an account with us, and may change your preferences at any time.

Information Processing

We do not share information beyond what's necessary for third-party services to function. The situations in which we may share information with third parties are described below.

  • Cloudflare: we use Cloudflare for caching services and to intercept malicious web traffic attempting to access our site. As a service provider to our network infrastructure, data you share with us must be processed through Cloudflare. Additionally, some information, such as log data may be collected by Cloudflare when accessing our site.
  • Netlify: we use Netlify to serve content to you. Netlify may log some data, such as your IP address, when you access SoulShare.
  • Amazon: Amazon Web Service (AWS) is used for SoulShare's hosting services and therefore data you submit to SoulShare must be processed through their servers.
  • Contentful: some static assets, such as images, will be served from Contentful when you visit our blog. Limited information, such as your IP address, will be visible to Contentful's servers as part of this exchange.
  • Sentry: we use Sentry to detect errors that may occur on SoulShare. Data sent to Sentry from SoulShare is only intended for sending error reports, and is scrubbed to further mitigate the possibility of including personal information.
  • Mailjet: we use Mailjet to occasionally send emails you've subscribed to. In order for us to send emails through their service, some basic information such as your name and email address must be processed through their platform. Mailjet will also be able to process on our behalf the open and click-through rate of emails we send you.
  • Google Sign-In: When you choose to use Google to log in or create an account, you consent to processing your information through Google and setting cookies as part of this process, as discussed in the "Cookies and Similar Technology" section below.
  • YouTube: we serve embedded YouTube videos. When you watch an embedded YouTube video, YouTube sets cookies and is able to collect information about your viewing activity.
  • Google Analytics: we use Google Analytics to collect aggregate, anonymous data on our web traffic.
  • Hotjar: we use Hotjar in order to better understand our users’ needs and to optimize your experience while using SoulShare services.

Cookies and Similar Technology

Data ProcessorPurposeDurationLegal Basis
SoulShareWe store a cookie and local storage object on your device to manage authentication after you have logged in.7 daysConsent
We store your cookie preferences in local storage for your convenience.*Until deletedLegitimate interest
CloudflareA strictly necesary cookie is set in order to detect malicious web traffic and minimize blocking legitimate users from accessing Soulshare.30 daysLegitimate interest
MailjetMarketing emails will include a pixel and at least one unique link. These tools help us better understand how to write emails our users will enjoy by measuring and comparing the open and click-through rates of previous campaigns.Until deletedConsent
GoogleWhen you log in or sign up via the "Continue with Google" button, you consent to have your data processed by Google. Cookies necessary for SoulShare to interact with Google will be set as a result of this exchange.Session, or until deleted**Consent
When you view a YouTube video, Google will set cookies and local storage objects for analytics and maintaining viewing preferences. Consent is expressed by confirming a prompt or by creating your account.*Session, or until deleted**Consent
Google Analytics cookies are set to provide us important insights on our web traffic. Your IP address is made anonymous before data is sent to Google, and we've disabled data sharing with all other Google products and services. You are currently opted in. Click here to opt out.Between 1 day and 2 years**Legitimate interest
HotjarHojar sets cookies to help us understand how our visitors use SoulShare. Your IP address is made anonymous before data is sent to Hotjar, and data is not accessed by Hotjar for its own purposes. You are currently opted in. Click here to opt out.Session, or 1 year**Legitimate interest

  * For US residents, consent is implied by clicking on a video link

** Depends on the specific cookie or local storage object

International Data Transfers

SoulShare is a US company, and as such we primarily process and store your information within the United States. To serve our users, we may at times transfer and access information from our third party service providers which operate in facilities around the world. We have established standard contractual clauses with our service providers to ensure the privacy and protection of data wherever it may be processed. Additionally, we have implemented safeguards to protect your personal information, including anonymizing data when reasonable to do so, and establishing adequate encryption technologies and security measures.

Data Retention

SoulShare only stores data that you share with us as long as you choose to keep it with SoulShare; you may delete any and all of your data by logging into and modifying your account settings. The only data we may retain following account deletion is your IP address, which we maintain in our logs for security purposes. Similarly, some of our third-party providers such as, but not limited to, Google Analytics and Hotjar may also retain some data; the nature of how we interact with these service providers is discussed in the "Information Processing" and "Cookies and Similar Technologies" sections above.


SoulShare takes your privacy and the protection of your information seriously. Reasonable precautions have been taken to help protect your information from unauthorized misuse and disclosure.


By registering an account, you acknowledge that you are over the age of 13. If you are older than 13, but under the age of 16, you must receive parental consent before registering an account.

Effective date: March 2nd, 2021