Privacy Policy

Public Information
By registering an account, you acknowledge and agree that your user name, location, uploads, and any information you share on your profile page, or in communications between other users on this site is publicly available.

Private Information
We collect some information that is not considered public; this include your email, password and account settings. We do not share private information beyond neccessarily processing it through Amazon Web Services, as explained in the Information Processing section of this privacy policy below.

Information Processing
Soulshare does not provide personal information to any third parties outside of what is necessary to offer its services; those scenarios are described below:
- Amazon: Amazon Web Service (AWS) is used for all of SoulShare's hosting services and therefore your data must be processed through their servers.
- we send your IP address to on some pages in order to display what city you are located in.
- Google Maps: we use the Google Maps API to offer name suggestions while you type into forms asking for your location. We also use the Google Maps API in order to determine a general latitude and longitude of the city name you provide us.

SoulShare takes reasonable precautions to help protect your information from unauthorized misuse or disclousure.

By registering an account, you acknowledge that you are over the age of 13. If you are under the age of 16, you must receive parental consent before registering an account.