Getting Your Music Noticed Shouldn't Be So Complicated

How to make promoting your music fast, simple and even fun with SoulShare

SoulShare Team
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We get it: your passion is your music; that’s what you want to spend your time on, not learning SEO, figuring out how to reach people on Facebook, or doing hashtag research.

Between managing your website and blog, scheduling social media posts, tracking analytics and paid ads, and the constant research that goes into optimizing these tools, there’s just too much distracting you from what you really care about: your music.

There’s Got to Be a Better Way

There is: post your best music on SoulShare and get noticed. That’s it.


At SoulShare, a huge part of why we exist is to make it simple for musicians like you to get noticed. We do that in several ways, but some of the main reasons include:

  • Focus  —  people looking for musicians and their work come to SoulShare because that’s where they’re found.

  • Simplicity  —  one of the main reasons existing tools are so complicated is because there are so many keywords and hashtags that are about the same subject, but can result in completely different people finding your music. Depending on what you choose, you could hit or miss a large chunk of your target audience. We’ve cut all of that out with straightforward categories for you to post your music to.

  • Meaningful, Diverse and Fair Results —  it’s frustrating when your music is being overshadowed simply because other musicians game the system for likes or their music appeals more to the general public. We’ve solved this by taking into account who is liking your music over how many people are liking it. Without getting too technical, how well musicians and their work ranks on SoulShare is weighted heavily to favor the opinion of other artists sharing music in the same category as you. The end result is higher quality and diverse music rising to the top, with a better chance for newcomers’ work to get seen.

Not Just a Promotional Tool

SoulShare is a community designed for aspiring and professional musicians to build their reputation, stay up-to-date within their industry, and connect with new opportunities. We intend to spark a movement that brings musicians together to learn from, collaborate with, and inspire one another through the common interests they share.

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