Some common questions users may have are answered below:

1) What is a tab? A tab is the main tool for filtering content and customizing your news feed. You can assign several categories and follow individuals to create tabs of your choosing. For example, you can create a "Drums" tab to filter your news feed to display all things drums, or you can create a single "Favorites" tab to follow everything you are interested in all at once; what you do with tabs is entirely up to you!

2) What file extensions does SoulShare support?
Images: png, jpeg, gif, bmp
Audio: mp3, ogg
Video: mp4, mpeg
Documents: pdf

3) What is an "Unlisted" category? If you would like to upload content to your profile without it showing up on the rest of SoulShare, you may set it to unlisted.

4) There aren't any categories that match my upload. More categories will be added in time, subject to popular demand. In the meantime you may set your content to the "Other" category.